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Nike Basketball twitter earlier than the official official announcement, Kobe 11 will be in the United States time on VAULT 12/14 published by Periscope, will also be broadcast live online, from a transparent material looks in the bottom of the trailer is simultaneous pattern, some technology key clues? In addition to through online access to the site to watch the first hand information, we will be collecting all the latest information available to you to collate shoe. The, legend, of, @KobeBryant, continues., #KOBE11, Tune, in,, on, 12.14., pic.twitter.com/6JdMAIJHt2 - Nike Basketball (@nikebasketball) 201512, 11, Europe and the United States in recent young Boxing (Boxing) movement quickly became popular, and many celebrities have supermodel light boxing as a fashion movement of their body muscle trained lines, as PUMA creative director and global brand spokesperson international superstar Rihanna (Rihanna) in addition to this is sports enthusiasts, more love boxing clock Boxing the wind in her daily wear a single product. Look at the global light boxing fashion trend coming, PUMA in early November this year will launch 70 engraved in classic boxing shoes - Eskiva, as PUMA creative director Rihanna said excitedly at the first sight: "boxing is one of my most recent years love sports, it is full people will show strength, explosive force. In private, I have so many on the boxing style of a single product, the first time when I saw PUMA Eskiva, I really love her. "." PUMA Eskiva was born in the 70, and soon became popular with the market, so it became one of PUMA's classic shoes. This season engraved reproduction Eskiva retains professional boxing shoes should be neat appearance, made full use of leather shoes material, forming an integrated design completely docile leg type, soft leather uppers for comfort is improved. In addition, this season PUMA Eskiva launched, barrel designs both light boxing style neat or casual wear retro feel stressed, can show female personality force that can not be ignored. PUMA Eskiva debut in 2015, Taiwan launched two colors: black and white classic and imitation metal color, will be officially on sale in November 1st, the high cylinder proposed price NT$3980, the middle of the proposed price of NT$3780. yesterday only two of a combination of the war games, the young thunder increasingly competitive advantage under the leadership of Durant Kevin, Nike KD VI PE on the foot is very simple, and greatly Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale enhance in the season of thunder bench, Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb as Westbrook and Durant version of the game are slowly ascending trend. And another warriors of all old truce spurs one can win, Curry the last three minutes trying to turn the tide really wonderful! Finally, the Spurs took the victory away. source: Nicekicks, Counterkicks, KicksonfireHyperdunk series of the latest members of "Nike Hyperdunk 2013" grand debut, pioneered by Nike of footwear designer Peter Fogg surgeon planning. The past 20 years, Peter Fogg and ACG in the running shoe project had many people praised the works, including Nike Air, Zoom Tallac Nike Air Terra Humara, Nike Zoom Terra Sertig, Nike Ashiko and Nike Structure Triax etc.. For the overall design of the .Jesse Owens is the late legendary American track and field players, the Olympic Games in 1936 had a personal four gold medals, he is also one of the promotion of African American civil rights movement leader, his life was taken over for the movie "American trapeze" (Race), on the later influence is very far-reaching. Under Armour recently with its first woven shoes Speedform Slingshot launched version of memorial tribute to his alma mater university brand chose to use color Ohio State team as presented, and on the insole printed with his nickname 'BUCKEYE BULLET' Jesse Owens, because in addition to outstanding performance in the Olympic Games, the student records the building is even more alarming, in 1935 to participate in the ten major leagues in the United States during the games he broke three and tied a world record, the four was completed in just 45 minutes, can be seen at the time of the state, also let oneself in one fell swoop down in history in track and field. Under Armou Speedform Slingshot 'Jesse Owens' can now be purchased at UnderArmour.com, priced at $119.99. source: Under, Armour, Kyrie Irving, 2012 rookie of the year, twice in the All-Star game, and in 2014 to win the all star game MVP. The Kyrie Irving, which won the men's Basketball World Cup last summer, also won the MVP, and its latest Nike signature shoes, KYRIE 1, will begin on sale in Greater China in January 10th. Kyrie Irving is now only 22 years old, born in the Australian young stars have a bright future. Why is KYRIE IRVING so outstanding?In addition to full of mass destruction breakthrough and the change to the extraordinary reach the acme of perfection, what makes Kyrie Irving so special? We need to find an Retro jordans for sale swers from Kyrie Irving's father and his role model, former Australian basketball star Drederick Irving. Kyrie Irving 4 years old mother died (Elizabeth Elizabeth Irving in the university is a good volleyball player), since then, Drederick Irving became a single father, he alone will be brought up Kyrie Irving. Father is Kyrie Irving's basketball coach, and their father and son are very close. #1 - one year and a month later, KYRIE IRVING learned to dribble when Kyrie Irving was a toddler, he was able to control the ball. At the age of 4, he was able to hit the normal height basket again and again. By the age of 6, he was able to lay a ball with his left hand. #2 - KYRIE IRVING made a mark in high school Kyrie Irving has always been a spectacular athlete, while high school is the moment when his star light really begins to shine. He spent his school years in New Jersey, even though his side also surrounded by many talented players, but this does not hinder his talent shows itself. He spent a lot of time to study the video game and continue to hone their skills, culminating in a solo success conquer his father. #3 - KYRIE IRVING, playing baseball, was once an avid skateboarding fan apart from basketball, Kyrie Irving also enjoys playing baseball. Kyrie Irving was an excellent partisan when he was 7~8 years old, and he played regularly with older boys. In addition, Kyrie Irving, a teenager, also enjoys skateboarding very much. The godfather of #4 - KYRIE IRVING is a former professional basketball player, ROD STRICKLAND , while Kyrie Irving is still lying on the crib Converse in South Korea today in Seoul launched a new brand in the autumn of 2014 will be released, invite the Asian media convergence, the KENLU.net also invited to visit. Converse's new preview is very diverse this year. It combines App applications and brand and shop environments to bring unique city experiences. The and Converse in Seoul on the 12 well-known shop cooperation, clothing, food, furniture and even the studio and other types of different locations, showing Converse new shoes show, live performances and other different activities, participants can choose sites of interest, through a unique way to explore Seoul. In addition, Converse also specifically for the event to create a App, in addition to placement in App process and each store location information, can also take pictures, and automatically uploaded to the server, and social sharing. converse-press-p jordan shoes online sale review-recap-first-day-4converse-press-preview-recap-first-day-4 converse-press-preview-recap-first-day-8converse-press-preview-recap-first-day-8 converse-press-preview-recap-first-day-13converse-press-preview-recap-first-day-13 converse-press-preview-recap-first-day-14converse-press-preview-recap-first-day-14 converse-press-preview-recap-first-day-15converse-press-preview-recap-first-day-15 converse-press-preview-recap-first-day-36converse-press-preview-recap-first-day-36 converse-press-preview-recap-first-day-37converse-press-preview-recap-first-day-37 converse-press-prev〉 a pair of shoes if I have engraved the opportunity to reason than is popular and classic, and two years ago, PUMA and Brooklyn We Go Hard French brand (BWGH) to launch the R698 'Bluefield' in the sale had become the brand one of the best joint sales of shoes, popularity let Puma make a return this year. In the design by American artist Mark Rothko's works "No. 61 (Rust and Blue)" for inspiration, with blue tone on many different levels for each part of the body of the shoe, suede, mesh with suede constitute the main body in white bottom on the collocation of Trinomic technology, to create the fashion sense of the Internet pondering. Share on foot with real photo for everyone and this will finish in Europe for sale in July 4th, priced at about $170. news source: Titolosince the fall of 2012 to join the Chinese brand Wade, Lining has always been a show of love for his hometown in Miami, florida. Light from the color and name of the shoes we can see that, such as Overtown Shangcheng (Miami Youth Activity Center), and 305 (Miami area code) and Miami's theme color. And next this week, Li Ning will cooperate with wade for everyone to bring a "grey boys' color, the overall to gray ink decoration present paired with a black tongue and white splash in the bottom and bottom is used at the bottom of the crystal. The shoe will be available for sale at a designated shop in Miami next Friday (April 10th) at a price of $150. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: nicekicksMaybe a lot of my friends do not know, the famous actor Will Smith in the movie before set foot on the road, but the 199 cheap air jordans online 0s smash hit rapper. In "The Fresh Prince" is the name of Will Smith was a combination of Dj Jazzy Jeff and the virtue of the single "Parents Just Do not Understand" won a Grammy history of the trophy awarded to the hip-hop song, it can be described as Usually a combination of legend. Recently, Will Smith in an interview revealed that he and his old partner Dj Jazzy Jeff is preparing for their new album and world tour arrangements, it is expected to shift from the cinema screen to the stage to see the shadow of Will Smith, The Fresh Prince He came back to whether it is affected by the same like rap son Jaden it? Let us wait and see their new album and tour it.0.jpg (115.87 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-12-14 upload 11:40 1.jpg (82.47 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-12-14 11:40 upload 2.jpg (85.47 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-12-14 11:40 upload 3.jpg (97.26 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-12-14 11:40 upload 4.jpg (144.27 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-12-14 11:40 upload 5.jpg (125.32 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-12-14 11:40 upload As the world's largest manufacturer of sports goods, Nike is not all in the global scope of the production plant, the day before the brand new line of a man named Nike Manufacturing Map website, recorded all authorized Nike factory information. According to the website, Nike operates factories in 43 countries and employs nearly 1 million workers. In addition, the website also records each factory's address, the staff sex ratio, the branch, and the product category and so on. The interested friends may wish to know more about it. 0.jpg (148.94 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-5-21 upload at 15:51NBA star girlfriend the vast majority are breast Qiaotun, glamorous, now playoffs was raging, in addition to the pitch of PK, we have to Bibi star girlfriend (referring to his girlfriend, wife, gossip girl), members of the reader might judge who the most beautiful sexy. 1, harden the latest gossip girl Eminem wave - Ross backing is not small, her ex boyfriend every loud reputation, which is including the WizKhalifa "speed and passion" 7 theme song to sing. 2, West Kanye has also been the Minister of her dress. 3, this i Cheap foamposites for sale s indeed a big and fat buttock, harden hardcore. 4, before Parsons denied that he had a girlfriend, but he still took the paparazzi and Kendall - Jenna dating photos. 5, Jenna is no pushovers, King Kardashian's half sister. 6, Jenna tall, is a host, model. 7, after the media exposed material clay Thompson to cheat, to see his girlfriend. - nenmo Hannah - stocking, such beauty, isn't it enough? 8, the typical American beauty, the body is good to explode. 9, a lot of players love energy-saving, Thompson is no exception. 10, Griffin's girlfriend is like a revolving door, turn off, with our model. 11, as well as the intellectual route. 12, the University of California and former basketball player, you don't know what a love? 13, Duncan's new girlfriend's love goes on television. 14, show our hot body is a must, 15, Barkley and the war of words quite eye-catching, but the dull wit presumably can handle her! 16 Huo Fude, the glamorous wife is Miss Universe, which is the 360 degree dead beauty. 17, Haoru Horford is absolutely ready, and beauty and the geek. 18, to be able to marry such a wife, almost all men's dreams, life is really the winner. 19, Le Fu's girlfriend is a member of the former UCLA cheer. 20, the year is a campus Belle class characters, is Le Fu First come, first served. 21, Erwin's girlfriend loves the self timer, this self time characteristic is particularly prominent! as LeBron XII first paragraph 7 color only a black uppers mainly presents the color, LeBron XII "data" is not as we imagined so low-key, modification of the shoe body color used almost all the mainstream color, the most conspicuous except peach swoosh and blue at the end, when the number of colorful color modified lined up. Shoes are now landing nike.com Chinese version, and will be on Friday, December 19th, the global sale, the official price of 1599 yuan in china. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send.The warriors have come to the match point, murder the emperor announced the upcoming war. The Stephen library is also the first to experience the · by Under Amrour as its new Curry 4 Low, this section in a more concise design style, capable of showing, and the white shoe body adopts the integral crafted, and in the toe position to join wear-resistant ru Cheap jordans online bber material, supplemented with golden decorative details, finally equipped with thick the outer end of the show. stephen-curry-under-armour-curry-4-low-chef-white-gold.jpg (627.59 KB, download number: 2) download Under Amrour Curry Curitiba Pro 4 Low 2017-6-12 09:33 upload curry-4-low-first-look.jpg (314.18 KB, download number: 2) download Under Amrour Curry Curitiba Pro 4 Low 2017-6-12 09:33 Under Amrour Curry upload, 4 Low 01Time: 2009-06-10 08:09 source: Securities Daily Author: Securities Daily Click: sub IPO restart once again become a hot market, women's enterprises "Saturday" is actively preparing to landing A shares market. Previously, BELLE and other shoe company Baidu has been successfully listed in the Chinese including Hongkong and Singapore overseas market, the "Saturday" if the listing is successful, will become the first shoes enterprises listed in the. It is worth noting that, according to legend, Legend Holdings's Lenovo investment three Chinese shoes network Sept. 4 hearing, the adidas Group Reebok led the Chinese market is quietly making some changes. Once the initial acquisition, Adidas Group CEO Herbert? Heiner (HerbertHainer) will not be very sure of culture into Reebok, Adidas, Reebok, he believes has its own characteristics, Reebok leaders It should be from Reebok internal selection, rather than selected from Adidas. 1 September afternoon, who grew up from Adidas, Reebok China, a year ago the newly appointed general manager of BillDoyle said in an interview, his task is to change the Reebok in China Business model. BillDoyle change did not disclose the number of Reebok stores in China, but he elaborated on his strategy, speed is very fast, sounded confident. In China, few people know that the US sports brand Reebok is female sports started. BillDoyle said, after being acquired Reebok, the Chinese market has been uncertain in its position, so in the past nine months, Reebok reduction in China's advertising, they want to use this time to think clearly, after Reebok more clear positioning and direction. Ye Qi, vice president of fresh Xtep , once in the late 1990s and early 2000, Reebok ranked third or fourth in China's international sports brands, and Nike, Adidas side The first echelon. However, after the addition of Adidas, Reebok worse, is now China's fourth tier sports brand market, with annual sales of 10 billion under. BillDoyle said that now the focus of the work has two, one and cons jordans on sale online tantly develop innovative products, the second is to strengthen cooperation with Baosheng international distributors. expansion in 2008, Reebok erected in Beijing Wangfujing (47.00,2.10,4.68%) of the 40 feet high statue of the great Yao Ming has been impressive, but In addition, China's sports marketing profession that Reebok did not able to lay Yao Ming this card, consumers think of Reebok, it is not possible to think up with Yao Ming, the brand is also no clear positioning. BillDoyle that in the past nine months, Reebok reduction in China's advertising, because to use this time to re-think clearly about the Reebok brand positioning, should do first After a clear positioning, and then invest in consumer advertising issue is consistent with the brand signals. 2009 to the present, Reebok stores in first-tier cities have been turned off a number, although revamp this year after opening a part, but there is no re-opening address was abandoned, such as Shanghai Nanhui District rich off Sri Lanka stores. The industry believes there is a data Reebok since 2009 to reach hundreds of stores closed in China, the data has not been confirmed. misjudged the Chinese market after the Olympic Games in the sports consumption potential, which is not Reebok single issue, but the entire adidas Group's decision-making mistakes, key way Beijing sports consulting firm CEO Zhang this Say. In 2008, Adidas is the partner of the Beijing Olympic Games, the performance is very beautiful, once rushed to the sales in the first position. It was that year, Adidas Group CEO Herbert? Heiner interview with Chinese media had announced the group's ambition, he said, Adidas 6300 to 2010 there will be stores in the Chinese market in 2008 will open 1135 retail stores; and Reebok to 2010 from 800 to 2200, will open about 250 new retail outlets per year. A research data that the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Reebok almost every other day to open a shop, plans to add four years later more than 1300 stores. And come up with 14% of total revenue to support operations of the Chinese market, more than 10 percent of the industry average. But BillDoyle not sure of this, the Olympic Games period, BillDoyle and no office. He said the company generally does not disclose the number of stores and specific financial data, but it does within the Olympic Games since the end of the year and a half of time, Reebok also shop also closed a number of stores. 2008 coincided with the European and American markets shrink, seeing Beijing Olympic Games an opportunity to turn millions of dollars was a lot of hope that the pressure will be in the Chinese market, US companies, Reebok is a relatively typical one. In addition to China, in other parts of Asia, Reebok has developed a good time to shop expansion plans, such as accelerating the pace of expansion in India. grim 2009, Adidas has been ranked third suddenly Li Ning beyond. Because of the market situation after the Olympics judgment overly optimistic, resulting in inventory become a big problem. Reebok situation even worse. Adidas Group believes that after the Olympic Games, China's sports consumption market will be greatly enhanced. In fact, the entire national sports potential consumers have long maintained a tradition of high concern, low-involvement. Sports consumer China presents typical "saddle structure", two large, namely teenagers and the elderly to participate more, and the main consumer groups participation is very low. And, Zhang believes, Adidas and Reebok there is another serious problem, namely that only two to three large distributors, Belle, Pou Sheng International, Sports 100 in which several Chinese market channels accounted for almost all of Adidas, these dealers danger lies in their bargaining power is too strong. When the decision-making errors of judgment, the product precipitated in the channel when the big dealer instinctive reaction is to open more discount stores, other distributors which give a great deal of pressure, and then a vicious cycle, leading to gross profit or even a loss of small shops will be more and more. By comparison, Nike's distribution channels are more safer, there are a number of large distributors to distribute, played the role of checks and balances. And Li Ning has more than 120 large distributors, none of which can occupy a market share of over 10%. foreign sports brands hold the view that a large quantity distributor of enterprise is very negative, easily dispersed. But the Chinese market is very large regional differences, it is difficult to say too scattered sources is not a good way. The big distributors too, will directly result in their bargaining power is too strong, discount and then discount, the more they do not purchase, the greater the brand inventory. Zhang analysis, Reebok ??????? this problem to be more serious. Ye Qi, vice president of special step recalled that early in 2000 was in the late 1990s and, Reebok ranked third and fourth in China's international brand. But after the acquisition of Adidas, Reebok in China has been the lack of a clear and precise positioning. In turnover terms, Reebok sports brand can only be considered now in the fourth tier in China, with annual sales of 1 billion yuan less. In China, the annual turnover can be done with a considerable scale Reebok has dozens of local sports brand, thus positioning is not clear will be fatal. Nike, Adidas is taking the athletic route, special steps KAPPA is a fashion line, Chinese consumers think of Reebok, but it is difficult to have a specific impression. The industry believes that Yao Ming Reebok wasting this valuable resource, these past few years, and even did not make any activity, not even seen any ads on CCTV. Before Quick shop different, Reebok is now first-tier cities and coastal cities closed shop integration. Two years later, Reebok is rethinking how to deal with the challenges of the Chinese market. Reebok serious excess inventory by analysts called "Olympic sequelae." Sneakers Susquehanna International Group ChristopherSvezia analyst said, because the Chinese economic slowdown and indigestion, once and "swallow" too many shoes in the industry have a clear slowdown, while Reebok has opened too many shop, and this market is not ready to digest the brand. Herbert? Heiner once said in a conference call, select Reebok stores address two years ago, looks like right now it is no longer worth it, because the traffic reduction and discharge slow. Hainer said, "Some of the city's consumption has decreased in some areas, we do not want to continue to operate is not profitable stores. Maybe we shop in 2007 and 2008 speed a little too fast, and this is what we are now correct of. " These days recently, Reebok is trying to sell at a discount to clear excess inventory, and close hundreds of unprofitable stores. rescue plan BillDoyle that is now clear positioning and direction, Reebok will focus on market segments. But a year and a half before this concept in the United States did not, he said, can imagine the promotion of such products in China will certainly need more time so that we fully understand. However, according to previous experience in Korea to promote, in the past nine months, the effect is obvious, the products have been successful. More than insiders expected late this year or early next year after the contract expires, Yao Ming will no longer cooperate with Reebok, it is learned, there are already a number of local brands in the game, Yao Ming. Yao's athletic career is getting shorter, in cooperation with the local brands, will Yao Ming brand expanded to become a sub-brand of local brands, so not only can earn endorsement fees, but also get the brand profits, local brands can also borrow Yao Ming to enhance international visibility, is a win-win situation. Zhang believes Reebok order to quickly open up the situation in the Chinese market, the best policy is to maintain and Yao Ming of the contract. Earlier this year, Reebok announced a partnership with China's largest footwear manufacturers Baosheng cooperation. Baosheng Reebok will help design and manufacture products more suitable for the Chinese market, rather than then the American designer's ideas, which become more localization Reebok consciousness. But Zhang believes Reebok still more localized, only the localization of management in order to make decision-making more flexible in Greater China, Greater China may consider granting a new governing body, to ensure that the market can make faster reaction. Ye Qi believes that if the adidas Group, Reebok does not give sufficient financial support and patience, just keep changing the channel, accelerating in a city shop, such a situation would be even more dangerous. Now, outdoor sports brands are catching up, with the Pathfinder (24.870,1.11,4.67%) of the market, means that changes in consumer patterns, fine sporting goods began to appear in large cake phenomenon points, Reebok living environment even more severe. Zhang believes that either the Reebok and Adidas raised the same location, but harder to put down either the Reebok, and Adidas strictly separated. But as early as 2007, Hainer has made the answer to this question. He said, "Nobody knows better than to use three billion euros to buy a brand in order to reduce its market position. I believe Reebok in the past 5-10 years a huge potential has not been fully released." China's domestic sports brand Ye Qi and Zhang insiders believe that, as the lower profile, the stores opened in the second and third tier markets. But Reebok does not think so. BillDoyle think, it is now mainly concentrated in the primary and secondary cities, the focus is on a city. Reebok newly developed innovative products EasyTone and ZigTech running women's sports shoes training shoes priced ranging from 740 yuan and 820 yuan.

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