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Time: 2008-10-08 09:21 source: financial Author: Financial Times Click: according to Italy national Footwear Manufacturers Association (ANCI) website news, the first half of this year, the impact of external competition and internal structure adjustment and other factors, Italy footwear industry enterprise number and the number of employees continuously decreased. According to the statistics, by the end of June, Italy footwear industry a total of 6310 enterprises, 140 less than the end of last year, down 2.2%; the total number of employees reached 8.7 according to the Italy national Footwear Manufacturers Association (ANCI) website news, the first half of this year, the impact of external competition and internal structure adjustment and other factors Italy footwear industry, the number of enterprises and the number of employees continuously decreased. According to the statistics, by the end of June, Italy footwear industry a total of 6310 enterprises, 140 less than the end of last year, down 2.2%; the total number of employees reached 87 thousand and 400 people, down 1255, down 1.4%. According to the Italy Footwear Association's survey of its member enterprises, in the first half of the year, 32% of the enterprises said their employees had decreased, and 64% of the enterprise employees remained unchanged. Only 4% of the enterprises employed increased. (respons Cheap air jordans for sale ibility editor: admin) this afternoon, BELLE officially delisting, 2 stores go from here, dust settles! BELLE agreed to privatization, but 2% people against the Jinjiang 30 years of defeat: remember, de Erhui xdlong, Kim Levin Vietnam footwear exports $8 billion 800 million compared to the same period last year increased by 18.4% in Dongguan shoe factory thousands of employees strike official intervention Chinese domain name: Chinese. Asia Footwear website QQ:83331021 Copyright 2006-2011 www.afnhk.com online MSN:afnhk@live.cn All Rights copyright Reserved Asia Footwear information network Email: afnhk@126.com (print news reporter Li Guangfang reported) the European Union in October 7, 2006 to China, Vietnam's leather shoes took two years of anti-dumping measures, in October 6th this year measures will expire. According to Italy "24 sun" reported that the Italy Footwear Manufacturers Association president in Milan shoe exhibition that will expire on Chinese in EU and Vietnamese leather shoes to implement anti-dumping measures, Italy will request an extension to the EU anti-dumping review period, which indicates that the EU leather shoes case will be kicked off. therefore, by the seventh session of the Chinese Dongguan International Footwear Exhibition - shoe exhibition held in Dongguan the opportunity of the shoes to the EU anti-dumping review conference in cheap foamposites for sale April 16th in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center held, China arts and crafts import and Export Chamber of Commerce footwear branch secretary Ms. Wang Ying in Dongguan Houjie, and Asia Footwear Association convened in Guangdong shoe enterprises forum. the forum hosted by Mr. Xie Jiuhua, marketing director, Asia Footwear Association, paramont, Adidas, Yue Yuen shoes, Zhongshan Xin Li Footwear Company Limited? Consultant, Dongguan Quan Li more than 30 shoe-making enterprises shoes Ke general manager, Huizhou Hongkai Shoes Co. Ltd. and other senior leaders of more than 100 people attended the forum. Between the period, Yue Yuen shoes, Zhongshan Xin? Exports of Footwear Company Limited since the main export enterprises from the measures taken and the next step how to deal with the EU review put forward their own proposals, we started a lively discussion and consensus, in order to defend the national interests and the interests of enterprises, we must work together and cooperate with each other, to jointly deal with the upcoming anti-dumping review. on enterprises is also reflected, since 2007, enterprises in the tax rebate rate decreased, the continued appreciation of the renminbi, "labor contract law" promulgated, the credit crunch macro-control policy under the pressures of business for the footwear industry, said of an aged person, is experiencing a cheap foamposites severe winter beset with troubles internally and externally. Made great contributions including the footwear industry, the light industry for the national economic and social development, the international market share not easily won, I hope the government will take appropriate measures to alleviate the plight of the development of the footwear industry, to help enterprises overcome difficulties, maintain a healthy, stable and sustainable development of the industry, to avoid industrial relocation, transfer to Vietnam, India and other countries. (Editor: admin)By the end of 2006, the relevant departments in Zhejiang province were sampled and tested on imports of footwear products in the province quality results showed that sampled 46 batches of imported leather shoes, travel shoes, 11 batches of qualified, unqualified 35 batches, batch pass rate is only 23.91%. These leather shoes include Louis Weedon, Valentino, D&, G and so on more than 10 world top brands, the price is more than thousand yuan. "Fair and foul within" foreign brand shocking of foreign brands at a blind trust eyes, love three points should alert. Imported children's products the sampling to Britain, Italy and France and South Korea and other 22 countries and regions. Among them, the sampling rate of children's bedding is the lowest, only 39.3%. And in the examination, the fiber content and the jordans for sale product mark are unqualified, the pH value is not qualified, formaldehyde, color fastness and odor are unqualified, and so on. It is also a common quality problem in the industry. What worries parents more is that some of the high-end foreign brands that have long been trusted by them are not immune from spot checks. As for Chinese baby plastic products more than 3 market famous Japanese brand Pigeon, the children spoon products in this sample was 4 times more than the national health standards, is the largest plastic products exceed the standard sample. The AVENT bottle of its Potassium Permanganate consumption exceed the standard 2 times, Straw Chinese produced in Hongkong and the 5 stage combination Tommy sippy cups in decolorization test positive problem. In addition, some Japanese and Korean brand products have also been exposed to excessive formaldehyde content, color fastness and other problems. Jordan Brand next year the new spring and summer series and the exposure of a new Air Jordan 9 Low, the leather and nubuck leather black a shoe body, outer bottom is made of white collocation, the red dotted in the bottom is Jumpman. item: 832822-001 release date: April 16, 2016Price: air-jordan-9-low-black-white.jpg (157.02 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 9 Low black and white color 2015-12-31 22:36 upload air-jordan-9-low-black-white-2.jpg ( Cheap foamposites for sale 266.12 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 9 Low black and white color 2015-12-31 22:39 upload air-jordan-9-low-black-white-1.jpg (155.78 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 9 Low black and white color 2015-12-31 22:36 upload air-jordan-9-low-black-white-3.jpg (69.56 KB, download number: 1) download Air Jordan 9 Low black and white color 2015-12-31 22:39 upload Jordan, black and white, spring and summer, the new 00"March joint war" second main forces are also on sale news, Harmony Korine is the famous film producer and writer, he also grew up in the slide growth now and Vans Syndicate is the highest regional syndicate joint cooperation with Authentic and Slip-On, this version of the production of the series, consecutive weeks in Vans lovers frequent. Tomorrow, this conference will be held in the shoes of a grand carnival in Stockholm Sweden The Pit Party shop, but the number of Vans Fans have said already starting tomorrow we will also bring you exclusive of this series [play]. As for the Chinese when released, Vans China also has a message: sale price: 695 RMB release date: March 26th sale store: Shanghai Fly Streetwear (Shanghai City, Changle Road No. 704) Beijing blue shop (Beijing city Chaoyang District Sanlitun limit the Southern District of Sanlitun Village S4-28 store) WeChat scan code, share share cheap air jordans to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blog6 28, Vans Vault x Takashi Murakami Haruki officially released the day long series, a number of artists, musicians, designers and skateboard enthusiasts gathered in France and Paris Hotel Du Grand Veneur? Vans Vault x Takashi Murakami wish? Haruki long joint series on sale. The famous art collector? Emmanuel Perrotin also deliberately maneuvers out of their own personal art gallery, and the re decoration, to showcase the latest works of Murakami Takashi. the conference, Murakami Takashi will own unique ultra flat face flower and skull pattern of re creation, exhibited more than 30 works. The conference by a limited media are invited to participate in product conference kicked off, Murakami Takashi and Vans Stephen Mills, vice president of global footwear All Gone, Michael Dupouy and discussion together the story behind the scenes creation of cooperation. Mr. Murakami Takashi said: "I am almost every day in Vans Slip-On, the brand for me and my skin is almost as familiar. I am very pleased to participate in this free cooperation." site also set up two large interactive settings, external classic smile flower package, the winner can get involved in the interaction of the cooperation of a pair of shoes and a skateboard. The day of the dinner is very rich, presented by Cheap jordans online chef Pierre Sang Boyer star surgeon, more Ghostpoet their wonderful performances. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blogwith Michael Phleps as cut melon vegetable harvest as a gold medal after another, even wearing his feet on the Nike Air Rejuven8 reputation crane. Rejuven8 has become one of the best selling shoes in the history of Nike, among runners and those who want a pair of comfortable, warm sneakers, with pride in holding a pair of Rejuven8. Not long ago, Nike announced the Japanese fighter Uno Kaoru (Caol Uno) to jointly launch a Quick Strike Nike Air Rejuven8 10AC Uno Kaoru (Caol Uno), shoe fans are eager to see the Bo hit tread on air, and shoes will meet what kind of spark. Now, NBA war xiewang detailed picture in the world honor episode of the shoes, from which we can see, this pair of shoes in the high-end, comfortable, breathable and light is incomparable; in addition, at both ends and insole etc. interspersed with a little green, immediately for the whole shoe considerably. Undefeated, a street brand in Losangeles, continued to work with Adidas and launched the NBA All-Star all star Edition Limited jacket. The golden three lines around the front of the symbol Adidas signs, and on the left and right chest before the individual signs placed logo pattern Adidas and Undefeated, the other about arms on what area at the rear patch, embroidered on the word Undefeated and digital symbol five bar logo No. 5. This single product will be limited to 60 pieces in the Undefeated Losangeles store shelves sold, priced at $160 yuan. & nbsp; in the occasion of the long-awaited full black color Adidas originals yeezy boost 350 to be on sale, Germany shoes shop solebox we brought this pair of heavyweight shoes a detail of the exhibition. This pair by Kanye West shoes using Adidas innovation of materials Primeknit to create a poromeric bonded Jiaogan, in black uppers into gray texture highlights exquisite details, heel pull marked with red stitching embellishment, and boost air cushion into more so that the overall comfort greatly upgrade. The shoe will be officially released on August 22nd. (Editor: YOYO) & nbsp; following the release of "Oreo" color, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker, co design of free flyknit NSW running shoes, overwhelmed and inject more elements of military style. In contrast to use "blue squadron" for color collocation orange Swoosh logo and the grey free 5.0 sole, as for the tongue, shoe and tongue is through the black a little embellishment. This Flyknit NSW Squadron Blue Free Caliroots Nike, and other designated retailers, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. (Editor: YOYO)Bape Sta Mid "Shark" soles become highlights, new color matching 2016-11-08 10:47:46 the day before, Bape Japan network notice of the forthcoming Bape Sta Mid new color of the shoes in the shoe cylinder Force 1 Mid is similar to the Air version of the design, this bring a total of two black and white versions are made of high quality leather production, collocation sideways Logo and metal shoe buckle show identity, and the biggest bright spot is the sole classic "Bape Shark" prints, a lot of extra points for the overall design. At present, the two pairs of shoes have not been released specific information, like friends may wish to pay attention to our follow-up reports. 〈br jordan="" 3lab4="" 2015-03-26="" 15:13:58="" discovered="" a="" suspected="" air recently, the network exposure suspected Air Jordan 3Lab4 a pair of shoes, you can see the join based shoes in Air Jordan 4 on Air Jordan 3 classic burst pattern design, in addition to a whole shoe shoe buckle with red embellishment, the rest are covered with black, then a burst pattern design on the upper, the whole show low-key luxury. It is uncertain whether this is the Air Jordan 3Lab4 Mami, interested friends please continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports. 1594; & middot; & middot with branch pregnant & middot; Leonard quasi lore, the Spurs also difficult to win the jazz, and Duncan also followed the career, the 1000 wins to emulate two NBA legend, "the Sheik" Robert Parrish (1014), "Sky Hook Jiabaer (1074), while Duncan won the 1000 game matches than the two bits of legend, Robert Parrish in the field to complete, Kareem Abdul Jabbar the 1451, Duncan only 1389 games will complete the monument. This is not only because of its long career, thanks to Gregg Popovich of the team's coach. And who will be the next 1000? Teammate Tony Parker? Or James? Or is the library? We might as well talk about it in the message area and predict who will be the next one.Nike Free 5 new information 2014-05-06 22:42:16 benefit from Free 5 platform, Nike Free 5 has excellent flexibility and feel. After a new polished vamp with Flywire technology, further enhance the comfort of shoes. The shoes are on sale now, and don't miss the friends you like. item: 642198-301 item: 642198-004 item: 642198-401 three domestic brands landing NBA 2K14 system 2013-12-08 23:39:28 shoes today, 2K official news, the new NBA 2K14 will increase more than 20 shoes in the 2K13 based on the original, which is including Anta, Lining and PEAK three major domestic brands of shoes, shoes from the part of the release of the screenshot we can see, GHILL 3, Lightning TP, Kyle Lowry 3, KG3 etc. the shoes are in the column. (because some screenshots, so Lining shoes screenshots did not flow out)

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